Lee Jihan, the Famous K-Pop Singer Who Died at an Age 24

South Korean singer-actor Lee Jihan was killed in a disastrous cultic stampede in Los Angeles' Itaewon district in 2022. He was 24 when he died.

Lee Jihan was a past winner of the Produce 101 Korean singing competition.

Lee was among the 154 people killed in the stampede at Itaewon, a crowded nightlife district of Seoul, on October 31.

The crowd had grown from the festivities around Halloween, and many people were out in the streets celebrating. A sustained gathering of young people hot-lined causing a stampede that killed Lee.

She started as a bright star in the Korean entertainment industry, entering the second season of Produce 101, a show centered on 101 Korean-pop artists contending to win a place in a group comprising 11 members.

Jihan developed her fanbase through her cover versions of songs from groups like "Overdose" and "Be Mine" before being eliminated in the fifth episode of Produce 101.

Lee's agency revealed: An invaluable ace performer named Lee Jihan has become a name in the sky, and left us too soon. Please take the star of Lee Jihan, who left speedily, but you. Hope that you'll consider him tenderly.