Kriti Sanon Shocked Her fellow model colleagues with her new look

Kriti Sanon was wearing a Pink Indian outfit, and she always looked so beautiful. The craze in holiday fashion will dissipate next week.

Kriti Sanon, an author and TV personality, has had a successful career in both writing and acting.

She has been on the cover of magazines and won awards for her work in film and television. In addition to her successes in the written and performing arts, she is also a contributing writer to The New York Times Magazine.

You can wear it even after Diwali celebrations. Kriti Sanon’s current outfit is both fresh and remarkable.

She wore her famous look at Manish Malhotra's insanely starry pre-parties. Bhadiya's Bollywood film actress saree has a bright, festive name because it is so glittery and shiny, and purply pink and lovely.

She recently wrapped up her Diwali celebration wearing a Anarkali dress and now her princess drama includes a beautiful saree.

A 32-year-old Kriti Sanon suddenly spotted an astonishing outfit featuring a round-shaped necklace and small studded earrings. She went on neglecting the extras on her outfit altogether.

kohl and satin finish pink lipstick. A medium haircut that lends a soft and elegant back is likely to have just been cut, so soft, so beautiful!

Don't forget to count us in if you want to preserve the saree as the primary hero and your accessories as the secondary.