King of Games GTA Vice city is going to celebrate 20th Anniversary

Grand Theft Auto : Vice city is well known as GTA Vice city developed in the year of 2002 by Rockstar games.

We can say that the entire video game industry is in a mania right now

Many speculations are trolling about the release of GTA 6. However, from one of the fan dedicated platforms called GTAForum some of the video clips regarding GTA 6 were leaked by an username teapotuberhacker.

All the disturbance started after Sony posted on its TikTok account showing a gamer that is playing GTA: San Andreas on a humongous screen with the iconic intro song playing in the background

But Rockstar networks do not release any updates about GTA 6 till now. But addressing this video leak Rockstar networks replied ‘network intrusion’ by the third party is the cause of this.

And he also added that they are very disappointed to share their next game details in this way and they will properly launch GTA 6 when it is ready.

Thankfully, we're only a week away before the 29th, so we have to wait for some time to find out what this all means.