Kanye West To Do A 30 Day Verbal Fast: Can he do this?

Kanye West has decided to do a 30 day verbal fast, which means he won't be speaking for 30 days.

This is a big challenge for Kanye, who is known for being very outspoken. Many people are wondering why Kanye is doing this, but he hasn't given any clues yet. Some think that he's trying to focus on his music, while others think he's trying to avoid controversy.

Apparently, he has said he's going for 30 days without porn, sexual intercourse, or oral dating. I'm planning a 30-day cleanse. I've got into a verbal fast. No alcohol. No adult films. No sexual intercourse.

He continued, In God we affirm. Amen. But my Twitter account still smoked. Then he said, You can’t be anti-Semite when you are a Semite.

Following Elon Musk taking up Twitter, West's account was freed. The 45-year-old was banned from the platform after his anti-Semitic tweets.

Previous reports have alleged that Ye has a history of using racist and antisemitic language in business meetings.

Ye's criticisms led him to become a billionaire following companies including Adidas, Vogue, and JP Morgan severed ties to him.