"Joe Rogan's Top 5 Podcast Episodes: Find Out What made the Cut!"

Edward Snowden (JRE #1368 & JRE #1536): Joe Rogan shows how government surveillance conspiracies affect the privacy of citizens as revealed by American whistleblower Edward Snowden. Snowden's appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast in 2019 came as a complete shock.

No one expected the show to host such a high-profile whistleblower.There were so many fascinating stories in The Matrix Revisited that even a full 3 hours didn't seem an inordinate length of time to them. Curiously, Snowden even combed the NSA's databases looking for proof of his criticism.

Elon Musk (#1169, #1470, & #1609):In this episode, Elon Musk discussed his various endeavors. On the podcast, Elon discussed artificial intelligence, Neuralink, Tesla, and a whole lot more. Episode 1169 got Elon into quite trouble, when he smoked pot on air while discussing Rogan. The move also affected Tesla's stock prices for a time. The same podcast is one of the most popular JRE episodes, having received more than 60 million views.

Bernie Sanders (#1330) : The Democratic nominee for 2019 was featured on Joe 's podcast the same year. He gave his endorsement of Bernie, stating that he'd been consistently consistent throughout his political career. Joe even asks Bernie the crucial question  If you come forward to once, and do discover something about aliens, or UFOs, will you notify us?” Bernie's answer came after an hour of engaging discussion on drug control and privacy. My wife would have me let you know.

Quentin Tarantino (#1675): This juicy episode is a special treat for Tarantino fans—there are so many fun tidbits you won't discover in any other interview with the director.

Tarantino says that Reservoir Dogs was meant to have a budget of $30,000 but he decided to make the film on a $1.2 million budget thanks to some investors.

Neil Degrasse Tyson (#1159, #1347, & #1658):  The astrophysicist has appeared on Joe's channel a lot. Joe is intrigued by science-related topics (what is not Joe interested in tbh?), and since he's a layman, he often gets the speaker to break down science in an easy to understand manner. Neil and Joe discuss aliens, science denial, the future of water shortage and other fun topics throughout Neil's channel.