"Jeffries Could Be Kingmaker For Democrats"

Hakeem Jeffries became one of the first leaders of the Democratic Party on Wednesday, as he was born after World War II.

After just two years in the minority, Jeffries plans to run for president himself after the 2024 elections.

Bennie Thompson holds an event at which he serves catfish from the Delta region or his fellow New York colleagues buffets.

Jeffries not forget in 2021 that in that 2019 interview, he described President Donald J Trump as the great wizard of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue during a recent Martin Luther King, Jr., Day event hosted by Sharpton's National Action Network in Harlem.

Jeffries did not apologize to Comey. He stated that he indeed made that remark and was subsequently clear of it based on a series of factors.

The resulting presentation may end up appearing carefully prepared, as it seems preplanned with often alliterated quips for news conferences, and long pauses during interviews.

Jeffries assured his followers that their approval will be the simplest aspect for now.

Spending more time in the minority will inspire you to return to the majority.