Jake Paul vs. Mayweather Could Be The Most Epic Boxing Match Ever!

Anderson Silva will face Jake Paul this Saturday, but Paul will not be concerned about any potential challenges to tick off from his listing.

As the multi-weight boxing champion Floyd Mayweather has done a number of presentations since retiring from pro fighting in 2017, to take care of this tough opponent.

Floyd Mayweather won millions by putting himself in fights in Japan and Dubai, in addition to a successful match versus Logan Paul in 2021.

People bought Showtime's promotion of Logan Paul's $49.99 pay-per-view, which outsold the Mayweather-Putin fight.

Stephen Espinoza, the president of the Showtime Directory, has mentioned that he requires the fight because he hopes that Jake will take after where his older brother left off.

We would be interested in Espinoza's offer, according to MMA Fighting. If Floyd has time in his busy schedule to participate in such an exhibition, it has a lot of potential.

Maybe even the opportunity of being bigger than Floyd and Logan [Paul], given what Jake has done as a professional boxer dates back to now

I fully believe it is not the case that we're seeing or I'm going to see another fighter like that of Floyd Mayweather in between lifetimes. He's really a one-in-a-generation fighter.

His intelligence and martial ability is extremely rare, and it's the kind of thing that makes people like him. Whenever he talks to you about a business project, he will ask you, "Are you interested?", because most of the time, the answer is "yes."