Jackson Comes Out As Victim Of Sex Abuse Allegations Against Carter: Did he do this?

In an interview with The New York Times, Jackson said that he was sexually abused by Carter when the two were both children. Jackson's father, James Jackson, has vehemently denied any wrongfulness in his son's past. This latest development in the sexual abuse scandals surrounding Carter comes as a huge shock to many who have been following the story over the last few months. It seems as if Jackson has finally come out as the victim of these allegations.

Aaron Carter's body was found in the bathtub of his California home on Saturday. He left behind details in his controversial new book, Aaron Carter: Incomplete Story of an Incomplete Life , to be published posthumously Tuesday.

In his upcoming book, Aaron Carter: An Incomplete Story Of An Incomplete Life , which will be published posthumously, Carter has admitted to an underwear scandal involving Michael Jackson.

The disturbing incident allegedly occurred at Neverland Ranch when Carter was only 15 years old. Michael and I went into the main house alone and headed to his room area, Carter wrote. Subsequently, I said I was ready for bed. I hadn't thought about where I would sleep, until I Want Carter continued.

Obviously, there were many rooms in the house. He pulled out this cot that was near his bed that was set up already. I did t ask for the cot, but it just was there. I was tired, so he turned out the lights and got into his bed.

A few hours later, something woke me. I sat up and found Michael at the end of my cot in his underwear. I don't know if he was sleepwalking or something else, but he looked like he was still asleep. What the f _k !? I yelled and shook him a little to rouse him. Go back to your bed! the former child star claimed he told Jackson to go back to bed.

He just mumbled, OK, then got into his bed, and we both went back to sleep. I never asked him about it, and we never mentioned it. When I woke up the next morning, he was gone from the house.