Uncle Howdy's arrival in the WWE sparks curiosity

Uncle Howdy is one of the most popular characters on TV. He is a friendly, elderly relative who helps out his nephews and niece on their family vacations. Uncle Howdy always has a smile on his face and is always there to help.

Bray Wyatt saw his advertisement on October 28's WWE Smackdown interrupted by an unidentified individual by the name of "Uncle Howdy."

As Wyatt closed the show and entered the hallways of St. Louis, he boasted about becoming accustomed to being in front of crowds.

The screen had been flashing, and then a QR code had appeared after a new figure in the dark was seen on screen.

You must remember that this is part of the story that the WWE is building for its former champion.

WWE finally succeeded in its goal of achieving enormous fame through Wyatt's comeback.

It's virtually ensured that everyone will anxiously watch Monday's SmackDown in anticipation of William's next appearance.