"It was an emotional journey": Elizabeth Debicki on Playing Princess Diana

Debicki said that she had auditioned for season 2, but nevertheless did not land a role. The producers, however, saw something Diana-y in her audition.

She said that not only from a biological viewpoint, but I found it to be endlessly astonishing, I was amused to discover the real truth many significant ideas contained in the novel, often this comes into play in the era Life   of  Generations.

Debicki also feels the effect Princess Diana has on people when you view her and listen to her, and she manifests this effect on everyone. She is so mesmerizing and attractive.

When asked what previous portrayals of Diana excited Debicki, who starred in The Crown, she said: One of the things I like about The Crown is that something someone has played my part before you, it's a kind of leveling.

The actress also discussed the scene in which Imelda appears in the eighth episode. In particular, there's a scene in the fourth episode in which Diana reveals to the Queen that she completed the Panorama interview.

And there's this critical turning point in that scene that I saw detrimentally. I also love performing. When something is difficult it is also the most satisfying as a performer, she indicated.

In a recent interview, Elizabeth Debicki opened up about her experience playing Princess Diana in the upcoming film, The Crown. Debicki spoke candidly about the pressure she felt to capture the late princess's essence, saying, "I was aware that people would be looking at this performance through a very personal lens." Despite the weight of the role, Debicki says she found the experience to be "joyful," thanks in part to the close-knit cast and crew.