Is BTS Going to Serve The Military Service?

BTS is a boy band formed in 2010. The exact meaning of this band is "Bulletproof Boy Scouts".This band consists of 7 members.

They started their career as a hip hop band but in 2013 being under the Big Hit Entertainment they reached to the audience.

From 2015 this band partnered with Puma and promoted that brand. They also became the ambassadors of Louis Vuitton in 2021.

BTS has officially confirmed that  they are going to serve military duty and leave the band temporarily.

According to the laws in South Korea, every physically able male up to 30 years old has to serve in the country's military between 18 to 21 months. The reason is to have enough manpower if the neighboring country, North Korea attacks.

Obeying the south korean laws, Jin will be the oldest member in the band to serve his military duties. He will join after his sole release at the end of October 2022.

The other members will join the military services as per their ages. However, the fans are disappointed to know that the band will not perform as a group until 2025.