Incredible Facts about  Gods of Destruction

The Gods of Destruction (Hakaishin, lit. "Destruction God"), also known as Destroyers in the Funimation dub

These are extremely powerful deities that destroy planets, races, or threats that endanger the development of their own universes, as opposed to the Gods of Creation, who create, fill, and maintain planets with life, in order to maintain balance of the unifed.

Among all types of deities, only the Beerus and Champa twins possess even one comparable species. They are direct decedents of naturally mortal species.

Who is the most powerful God of Destruction?

Beerus is the most famous God of Destruction in Dragon Ball Super, and all signs point to him being the strongest as well.

Who is the weakest God of Destruction?

By all accounts, Iwan is the weakest God of Destruction. Iwan is among the least important to God of Destruction. Also, he seems to be much like teddy bear "cuddlable."

Is Jiren more potent than all Gods of Destruction?

Beerus has Hakai powers up his sleeve to function as a guarantor that he cannot lose to Jiren.

Is Beerus The Stongest In The 'DB' Universe?

No, Whis is equally impressive as Beerus. Characters who can defeat him include Omni King and Grand Priest.