How much is Lupita Nyong'o Net worth?

Lupita Nyong'o was born on March 1, 1983, to Kenyan parents. Her mother, Lureen Anyang Nyong'o, was a visiting professor of Political Science at El Colegio de Mexico.

Lupita's family moved back to Kenya, where the actress found her calling as an artist as a teenager. When she was 14, she starred in a stage production of 'Romeo and Juliet' in Nairobi. Nyong'o completed her education in St. Mary's School in Nairobi with a bachelor's degree in international baccalaureate.

She traveled to the U.S. to pursue her bachelor's degree in film studies and acting. As a student, she worked in the production crews of Mira Nair's "The Namesake."

At the same time, she continued pursuing all avenues of film directing, acting, and singing. She worked on a film production titled 'In My Genes', which entailed her heading to Kenya. While in Kenya, she starred in MTV's filming titled 'Shuga Down South'. After performing a few musical gigs there, she returned to the United States to finish her graduate school in Connecticut.

In 2013, got her big break in Steve McQueen's slavery-themed movie '12 Years a Slave'. The film became a life-changing opportunity for the actress, earning her a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Lupita later became famous for playing the role of Maz Kanata in 2017 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' , 2018 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' , and 2019 'Star Wars: Forces of Destiny' as well as in 2018 the comic-book movie 'Black Panther'.

Nyong'o is currently the ambassador of the French jewelry brand 'De Beers.' She championed Tiany & Co. and Lancome. Currently, the actress's wealth is about $10 million.