How Elon Musk's Paid DMs Could Change the Face of Social Media?

Musk changed Twitter after becoming its proprietor. He announced several controversial changes to the structure.

According to The New York Times report, Twitter is pursuing the creation of a paid direct-message feature.

According to internal documentation, a paid direct one-on-one contact with an influential individual will allow the user to talk to that person briefly.

Twitter will plot a special neighborhood of paid messages specifically for celebrities or other high-profile Twitter users in its DMs.

Many stars will decide whether or not to accept the paid message or the paid message request.

The paid messaging plans will be focused on the "Very Important Tweeters" or V.I.T.s and will involve a fee per message of approximately $2.0.

Twitter is working on adding blue tick marks, which are Twitter's badge of verification, as a paid feature as well.