Horror Fans Can Look Forward To Returning To “Crystal Lake”

Friday the 13th has always been a popular horror movie franchise with many sequels and spin-offs.

Now, there is a new prequel series set in the fictional town of Crystal Lake. The series follows young people who move to the town and become entangled in its dark history.

On the eve of Halloween, Peacock announced the prequel series Friday the 13th: Crystal Lake, a popular horror series.

It will be produced by A24, a media company known for backing high-quality indie films. Fuller has been the creator of TV shows like American Gods and Star Trek: Discovery.

There is no formal announcement about its cast and crew aside from its release date and release schedule. The serial will focus on the story of how Crystal Lake came to be.

Legal complications along the process of bringing the franchise to New Line complicated Paramount's operations.

After a years-long dispute, the screenwriter of your first motion picture reached an agreement with the actor and director Sean S. Cunningham.