Here’s 10 unique Halloween costumes that will make you stand out from the rest.

Why don't you dress like fashion icon Anna Wintour this Halloween? Stick to the sides at the party with dark colors and participate in a firsthand investigation of everyone's costume.

Here's a different costume idea for Halloween: An ordinary yellow dress, a black umbrella, and a small tub of salt let you be the Morton Salt Girl.

Here we have another take in Halloween. Let’s celebrate it as the warm, salty, crunchy Cheetos.

There's no point in making yourself resemble Froot Loops or any other cereal. You can have a store bought replica of a cereal bowl.

This costume is guaranteed to stop traffic. This is a simple costume that can turn a good result into a helpful one on your street. Use it to your benefit for the rest of the day.

As movie characters are easier to dress up as, the ten-year-old from Up and the old man who accompanies him make the ideal duo for two people to experiment with.

Dress as a condiment this Halloween, and sprinkle a little mayonnaise and ketchup everywhere you go.

Seeing Chucky and his bride walk might be extremely frightening. The poisonous condition of the costume is extremely unusual, and its results will constantly result in people's bad dreams.

There's a clever way to dress up as a nun -- that's the white nun's costume. This is inspired in part by American Horror Story.

To completely erase the picture of the sweet and cute Winnie the Pooh from every kid's memory, you could frighten him with a scary costume for Halloween.