Harrison Ford acts in ‘Captain America 4’

Harrison Ford is an American actor born on July 13,1942 in Chicago. He is one of the lead actors and received many awards and accolades.

Apart from films he actively participates in environmental related works.he gave the most inspirational speech during ‘Climate Action Summit’ in 2019.

Ford has acted in several iconic film series in his career from the decades. He worked in many franchises like ‘Indian Jones‘ , and ‘Star Wars‘ etc. He will soon join another popular franchise.

Ford is going to join the cast of ‘Captain America: New World Order. ’ He will play the role of General Ross. This role was previously played by late actor William Hurt.

This film is directed by Julius Onah and some of the other cast members are Tim Blake Nelson as Samuel Sterns, Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson etc.

Ford will also play Ross in ‘Thunderbolts’ ,this film will release on July 26, 2024

Ford will also act in the fifth installment of 'Indian Jones. '