"Goku's Great Ape Form Is Stronger Than You'd Think!"

What Is A Great Ape?

Saiyans from Dragon Ball GT: Perfect File can transform into the magnificent, anthropomorphic, monkey-like Great Ape during the full moon (or comparable object) to increase their already formidable strength. According to Perfect File, the Saiyans used to be Great Apes who developed intelligence and assumed a human form.

Requirements For Turning Into A Great Ape?

The Saiyan must have a tail to initiate the transformation because they are the only places where the glands needed to initiate the change are found. To begin the metamorphosis, they must absorb at least 17 million Zeno units of Blutz Waves through their eyes. The sun’s reflection on a moon is the only means through which Blutz Waves may be collected.

Limitations of this forms

The limitations of this form are much less but not insignificant. Any Saiyan who does not have a tail cannot become a great ape. If the moon's light is blocked, the transformation becomes slow. The main downside, however, is that the Saiyan loses his capacity to reason and becomes an insatiable killing machine.

How Strong Is Goku's Ape Form?

The restrictions of this structure are lesser but extremely important. A Saiyan who do not have a tail can't turn into a great ape. If the moon is obstructed by clouds or another thing, the development gets sluggish. The greatest drawback, however, is that a large difference appears between the Saiyan and a killer.

How Strong Is Goku's Ape Form?

In the anime based on Dragon Ball Z, Goku is among the greatest of the Saiyans. After becoming the greatest ape, his energy reaches approximately 180,000. This is the intensity of his power when he honed himself in 100 gravity and defeated Burter and Recoome.

Goku transformed from the golden great ape to his Super Saiyan 3 form's weakest form when even his Super Saiyan 3 form proved to be ineffective against Baby Vegeta. Goku's tail is regrown by Krillin and he transforms into a great ape.

In this form, Goku possesses the power of a great ape, even greater than Vegeta's. Finally, it makes sense that Goku's ape is the strongest among the Saiyans.