$GALA denies multi billion-dollar hacks? Everything's still Fine

Gala Games president implored its community to maintain calm after fears of a multi-billion dollar hack caused the GALA token to crash temporarily by 25.6 %.

Gala Games President for Blockchain Jason Brink explained that unusual activity detected on DEX PancakeSwap was performed by pNetwork.

The network was attempting to drain the engine pool as a means to safeguard it against a potential vulnerability.

There are some people who are throwing out words around hacks and rugs. Both of these are not true. GALA tweeted about this matter.

On November 3, an unusual event caused the GALA token's value to drop dramatically, from $0.0394 to $0.029, on a single exchange over 130 minutes.

Separately, pNetwork revealed an error that had occurred.

As a consequence of a Peckshield tweet, the white hat team coordinated with nGALA to limit the damage caused to megalomania.