Find out which characters topped our list of the hottest anime guys!

10. Levi Ackerman: Levi is a character from Attack On Titan. He is a character who's perceived as rude and cold, but one that is highly admired due to his appearances and his skillful ability.


9. Zen Wisteria: The second prince of Clarines is Zen Wisteria. This aspect makes him desirable, but it is not his status but his looks and personality that got him a spot in the top 10 hottest anime guys. Zen has silver hair and blue eyes, which Shirayuki finds beautiful.


8. Ayato: The viewers who have watched Diabolik understand that none of the vampire-like characters on the show are excellent. But they don't prevent them from being attractive and attractive. Ayato is the main brother in the anime. He is a predator, but not in a coldblooded way, but a hungrier way.


7. Sesshomaru: Sesshomaru is a demon in the anime Inuyasha. He is also technically considered a villain by Inuyasha fans, but that doesn't stop them from embracing the Sesshomaru character. He is the kind of individual who hates everyone, except one person, who is actually Rin.


6. Kyo Sohma: Fruits Basket is a tremendously well known anime that was watched in 2001 and again in 2019. Kyo–l Sohma is the male lead of the anime and is a rebellious teen with anger issues. That statement alone provides Him, as the male protagonist, far more appeal in the eyes of the fans. He's so strong thatgovernmental officials don't dare fight him a lady who has a lot of different expressions and personalities.


5. Miyamura: Miyamura, whose fans went wild over Horimiya at first, has a much more individualistic look than Horimiya because he is pierced and has long hair while Horimiya has short hair and is tattooed.


4. Gojo Satoru : For anime followers, there is something particularly special about guys with white hair. We don't know if they truly are the top or if there is just something we're usually not used to seeing about them. Goji stands out right off the bat since he's got beautiful blue eyes that stand out against his light hair and skin.


3. Zero Kiryu: Kiryu, the perfect mix of silent strength, was typically the decision of Zero and Kaname, the purebred vampire. Yuki was the person who had to make a choice between these two others, and it ultimately was a dummy's error. Nearly everything was accomplished by Zero to ensure her safety.


2. Tomoe : Tomoe's amazing combination of blue and silver hair is what makes all his fans dote on him. He falls for Nanami, but his admiration can be recrudescence.


1. Usui Takumi: Usui Takumi is the typical girl's dream. He is tall, wealthy, and dreamy. He has the perfect mixture of blonde hair with forest green eyes. He is the type of man who pursues what and who he wants and won't stop until he gets them. Usui is the all-arounder who excels at everything, be it sports, sciences, or other area.