Exclusive: Spanish Actress and Model Maria Pedraza Stars

Maria Pedraza is a Spanish actress and film producer who has worked in both Spain and the United States.

She was Born in January 1996, she lives in Madrid, Spain.

She gained fame for her role as Alison Parker in a Netflix series titled Elite.

Maria Pedraza has appeared in the series La Casa de Papel and vis à vis. She is best known for her roles as Rosita in the Spanish-language War of Independence film Guerra de independencia (2006) and as Rachel in indieWIRE's 2007 "10 Best New Female Filmmakers" list. In March 2009, she made her English-language debut with the role of Nora in the drama series "The West Wing".

She began her acting career at an early age, doing more minor roles and guest appearances in shows and films. Her first leading role came in the series Whacked.

Pedraza will star in the upcoming Netflix series The Idhun Chronicles in late 2020. Last weekend, Spanish actress Maria Pedraza announced that she was separating from her boyfriend.

Pedraza confirmed that her split with Raya was amicable and that their collaboration in business has survived. She also thanked him for making her so happy during their association.

Pedraza has been in the news before. Last month, she posted a photograph on her Instagram account.

Maria Pedraza's most recent post on Instagram features her with her dog; the caption reads, "My everything."