Ernest Anthony Puente Jr. who is well known as Tito Puente

In the U.S. Hispanic Month, Google is extending the tribute to the great Latin musician and a worldwide entertainer, Tito Puente.

Tito Puente was born on April 20, 1923 at Harlem Hospital in Spanish Harlem, New York City to Puerto Rican parents.

He was interested in various percussion and instruments from a young age. Before becoming the world-renowned musician and performer he worked as an orchestra conductor with Machito Orchestra at the age of 16.

After orchestra, he joined the Navy and served for three years, where he became the band leader of the Navy. After his service, he created a band named 'Palladium.

Tito has done almost 118 albums overall. His most famous Composition was in 'Dance Mania'  1958. The song 'Oye Como Va' became the most popular dance number in that century.

Puente has a Successful career span for 50 years  and won numerous awards like six Grammy Awards and one Latin Grammy Award.

On May 31st 2000, Puente was hospitalized due to heart issues.  Then he had a massive heart attack On June 1, 2000, and died that night at New York University Hospital.