England victory over Indians in T20 World Cup SemiFinalday: Jos Buttler and Alex Hales dominate

The India-England T20 series is one of the most anticipated matches in cricket.

The 10th November is a very important day for cricket in India. The two nations have been fighting tooth and nail for the first eight months of the season.

England had looked to take control of the game early on, but India has been able to hold its own. This match will be a crucial one for both teams, with the winner taking home a purse of $1 million.

England have won the T20 World Cup, having scored an impressive 10 wickets against India in Adelaide on Thursday (AEDT).

The Indian team benefited from a slow start and finished the game with an undefeated score of 169 runs. Both Buttler and Hales began at the beginning of the game.

England's need to reach 169 runs has pushed the team's powerful hitting performance by Hardik Pandya from 63 runs off 33 deliveries in the last 3 overs to 63 runs.

Indian skipper Virat Kohli played the anchor role for over an hour. Chris Jordan (43 runs 3 wickets) picked up three wickets for England, but it was Adil Rashid (20 runs 1 wicket) who was arguably the pick of the bowlers. This promises to be an exciting game.