"Elden Ring DLC: Leaked Details You Need To Know!"

Elden Ring is an upcoming video game being developed in collaboration by game companies Bandai Namco Entertainment and FromSoftware. It is a newly conceived open-world action RPG game featuring high quality graphics.

Players explore the game world and interact with characters to uncover the mysteries of the world.

Elden Ring is thought to be the number-one game of 2022, and it seems to be getting larger and larger.

FromSoftware hasn't yet announced a special downloadable content (DLC) for its popular game, but it has constantly been making adjustments to the game with updates.

Based on data miners, we may soon look forward to DLC.

Sekiro Dubi, a famous data scientist, poked around the game files for the next patch version and discovered some intriguing data projects that may indicate the existence of downloadable content.

The 30 boss flags available in downloadable content were tweeted by the consumer.

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