"Drake and 21 savage facing lawsuit from Conde Nast for using copyrighted material."

Drake and 21 Savage are facing a lawsuit from Conde Nast for using a sample of a song without permission. The song, which is called "Undertaker", was sampled from a song by the band Spirit. The band's estate is now suing both Drake and 21 Savage for copyright infringement.

This is not the first time that Drake has been sued for using someone else's music without permission.

The Take Care groover and 21 Savage 's Her Loss album has been met with acclaim by music lovers, but has also drawn litigation.

Cond Nast Magazine has filed a lawsuit against both artists, alleging trademark infringement for allegedly using a fraudulent Vogue cover to promote their album.

The court has issued a summons to the defendant in connection with this lawsuit for employing the same VOGUE mark on a series of garments.

The cover was one of the various spoofs circulating about just before the album's release.

Allegedly, Defendants knowingly violated Condé Nast Inc.'s rights in this manner considering the significance of Condé Nast's cover feature in Vogue magazine to the profits of an album scheduled to be released days after the claims started.

Several publications erroneously stated that the participants appeared on the magazine cover.