"Dr. Hasnat Khan: The New Face of Islamic Revival?"

In "The Crown" Season 5, actor Humayun Saeed plays Dr. Hasnat Khan, one of Princess Diana's paramours before her tragic passing.

Dr. Khan and Princess Diana first met each other in 1995, when Diana was going through divorce with King Charles. They first met each other at the Royal Brompton Hospital.

Dr. Hasnat Khan hailed from Pakistan. He earned his MD and PhD. It was his PhD, then, that Dr. Khan studied at the Imperial College London. Around 1995, he was working at the Royal Brompton Hospital. Princess Diana once visited that institution when her acupuncturist, Oonagh Toolo, was being treated for a pulmonary embolism. That occasion introduced them.

As soon as public saw Princess Diana, it was love at first sight. She was completely mad at his charm. She told her friend, "Oonagh, isn't he drop-dead gorgeous?" During a 2004 interview, Hasnat stated she was down to earth and noticed her flirtations.

One day when Khaleq went to his aunt and uncle's house, Diana asked if he'd like to go. Dr. Khan asked her if she would like to go with Khaleq. Diana agreed right away, so they drove to Stratford-upon-Avon. That's where their romance blossomed.

However, Diana's neglect was hindering Ishta's relationship. Due to his profession, he worked 90 hours a week, which resulted in him losing sight of Diana. A friend of His daughter told that if he didn't work, he rested. Though Diana neglected him because of his overzealous attitude, she still loved him greatly.

A final discussion between Princess Diana and him led to their engagement. He proposed to her, but Khan considered it to be a ridiculous idea. If she agreed to him, it would certainly ruin the normalcy of his life.

Things started changing in 1997 when Mohamed AL Fayed requested that his wife, Princess Diana, go to St. Tropez with him. From that point on, his marriage with Hasnat and Diana fluctuated. Princess Diana pursued her marriage with Dodi for a long time, unfortunately.