Did Val Kilmer Play Madmartigan In Willow?

Kilmer took up the role of Madmartigan in Willow, a mercenary swordsman who assisted the titular character on his quest to protect a baby from a princess.

Nearly three decades later, a sequel series was released under the same title.

John Kilmer didn't show up as the protagonist of Warwick Davis's film. We now understand the reason behind his absence.

His illness was one of the reasons that led to his absence from the Heat franchise for a few years. Since then, he relies on a voice modifier to communicate.

When we started the first season, Jonathan Kasdan said that we would be having a presenter.

Another reason is the coronavirus pandemic. I remember seeing him after it gained steam and said, "Listen, we're doing this." Everybody wants Madmartigan back, and he retorted, "Not as much as I do."

The series serves as a sequel to the 1988 film. It was featured on November 30 on Disney Channel.