Death toll from Trick or Treat season reaches 150 in South Korea

At least 151 people lost their lives, and dozens of others were harmed in the course of Saturday night's party in the South Korean capital of Seoul.

About 100,000 folks were inside Hillsdale when Halloween was celebrated, and the neighborhoods could be seen.

The New York Times has reported that the tens of thousands of people attending the main event took place at a narrow street in an area of bars and restaurants.

Choi Seong-Beom, the Chief of Seoul's Yongsan Fire Department, stated the death toll could rise and it is still unclear whether the number of people left in critical condition will be an exact count.

According to local reports and statistics, many of the victims had been young adults.

The president convened a meeting and called civil servants to secure the hospital beds, treat the wounded and place them on emergency duty. The mayor was on his way to New York when he learned of the emergency. He postponed his trip and returned to Seoul.

The greatest known crowd killing in South Korean history occurred on Saturday in Sangju, while 11 people died and more than 50 others were injured during a concert.

A near October outbreak at the stadium in Jakarta's Increasing number of fatalities from crowd surges.

Even when Nigel was exposed to the cemetery last night, the party has been taking place on the fringes of Itaewon all night.