Crypto Trading Platform Hodlnautia Suffers biggest loss in history in Terra Crash.

Hodlnaut, a Singapore based digital bank, has downplayed its exposure to Terra Collapse and suffered a $190 million loss from the coin's loss.

One finding of an interim judicial manager's report seen by Bloomberg News is that of a loss.

This is the first report of its kind because the Supreme Court of Singapore granted protection to Hodlnaut in August with the intention of presenting a restructuring plan.

The report indicated the directors' associations distributed excessively regarding the crew's experience with Terra Luna despite a 2022 Terra Luna failure.

In May, Luna stable coin and Terra USD crashed, resulting in the loss of nearly 60 billion in market value.

Hodlnaut ceased its operations around the beginning of August.

From the thousands of Google documents deleted by Hodlnaut, in excess of 1,000 could help shed light on the deal with the prosecutor, as stated by a federal judiciary report.