Celebrities Turning Out For Halloween As Dark As A curse

Heidi Klum as Kali. In 2008, Heidi dressed as the Hindu Goddess, Kali that wounded the Hindus' religious views.

Hilton's costume as a "sexy Indian" for the Playboy Halloween Party in 2010 turned out to be disadvantageous.

Chris Brown as a terrorist. In 2010, Brown was greatly derided for dressing as a terrorist and wearing a string of bullets around his neck at Rihanna's Halloween party.

Harry Hamlin as Sid Vicious. Hamlin had to accept responsibility for wearing a Nazi symbol, swastik, T-shirt in 2015. He felt he was trying to be true to the character.

In 2015, the Pretty Little Liars star removed her post of "sexy Cecil the lion" and apologized for being insensitive towards the memory of Cecil, the lion.

Shaun Although as "Simple Jack" the snowboarder drew jeers for impersonating "Tropical Run" 's protagonist, who mistreated the disabled.

Julianne Hough was attacked in the media for playing the character of "Crazy Eyes" in a darker skin tone.

Ashley Tisdale as a Decorated Mexican Skull. in 20, Tisdale received disapproval for sexualizing the Mexican skull who's been regarded as sacred for over 300 years.

In the 2014 Halloween costume of a cadre of EDM artists called Ebola, 5000 people around the world lost their lives.

Jeff Ross as Joe Paterno. The actor chose to dress as the former university coach who committed abuses against minors.