Brees Fakes Lightning Strike totiming a Make-A-Wish Race Event

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees fabricated being struck by lightning to promote betting website PointsBet.

A video clip posted on Twitter drew more than 1 million views as of midday Friday.

Drew Brees affirmed in another video that he's fine.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees participated in a promotional stunt for betting company called PointsBet, claiming that he had been struck by lightning.

A video uploaded on Friday to the Twitter page of New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees showed a commercial for PointsBet at the beginning of Catatumbo, Venezuela, a place known for collecting lightning strikes. A bolt hits the quarterback, knocking filming off script.

It was viewed approximately 1 million times as of midday Friday.

Brees is not accepting interview requests at this time. Brees serves as a representative for PointsBet, which is always listed on The Australian Stock Exchange and offers services in the United States, Canada and India.