Brad Pitt Net Worth Doubles in All Previous Years!

Brad Pitt has an attractive personality and a unique set of skills. He has continued to garner much of the attention he deserves over the years, becoming a highly sought after Hollywood actor.

Brad Pitt began his career as a background actor in "Hunk" and "Thelma & Louise," but he climbed the ranks of fame finally.

Later his films like 'Se7en' , 'Fight Club' , 'Seven Years in Tibet' , and others enabled him to become a bankable star.

The actor currently makes $20 million per film, with a total net worth of over $300 million.

Brad Pitt's production house, "Plan B," was co-founded with Jennifer Aniston and Brad Grey.

He also founded a gender-neutral makeup line named 'Le Domaine.' His puzzling looks garnered him endorsements for TAG Heuer, De'Longhi, Chanel, Cadillac, and others.

Brad Pitt has taken interest in philanthropic endeavors such as providing hurricane-ravaged New Orleans with shelter, repairing Haiti after the earthquake, aiding afflicted children, and training against tuberculosis.

Brad Pitt lives in a house built in 1994 in the neighborhood of Los Feliz in Los Angeles.