"Binance CEO CZ Reveals His Mistake Through Tweets on Instagram”

At the onset of June 2017, Vitalik Buterin, CEO of Binance, tweeted a quote stating that the BNB rate could go to infinity at a fraction of the price.

CZ said at that time that it does not permit as many users as we wish.

Vitalik made an error back then, and CZ tweeted about the mistake.

CZ also recalled the time when he gave a proposition to Vitalik that he refused to accept.

I explained to Vitalik that a turing-complete language on a blockchain is too big of a bite right now. He won't tackle it. Obviously, I was mistaken, Vitalik tweeted.

CZ and I both used to be friends when we still had longer hair than before.

CZ tweeted that he believes that Vitalik is one of the most genuine people he knows.