"Anthony Davis Claims Lakers Can Improve Up To 2-7"

The Los Angeles Lakers' offense has struggled to 2-7 record this year.

The Los Angeles Lakers, according to star Anthony Davis, can beat any team at any time since they have many high-quality players on their roster.

Anthony Davis gave an interview to news outlets following another loss to the Cavaliers.

We have a large number of players the teams have to take under consideration. We're the team indicated by our record.

Yet every night our team can play very well and explode. I know that other teams fear us, without a doubt.

The Lakers have the athletes needed to defeat elite opponents because of the All-Star play of LeBron James and Anthony Davis, as well as LeBron James's quick adjustment to his role as a substitute.

However, due to their inability to shoot three-pointers deep, their 3-point shooting percentage was minimally affected.

Davis argues that the Los Angeles Lakers can best any opponent on a given night with a three-point assault since the team depends heavily on three-point shooting.

The squad does not have the 3-point scoring capacity of the field, so the chances of that occurring are lower than those of other teams.