Andy Samberg's Weird Reason For Not Wanting To Celebrate Thanksgiving.

Andy Samberg is an American actor and comedian, who was born in Brooklyn, New York. He is the brother of actors Gabriel and Alexander Samberg. He has worked extensively as a stand-up comedian and actor, most notably on Saturday Night Live (NBC).

In the first Thanksgiving episode, known as "Turkey Day," we see Jake protecting himself by staying away completely from it. He even dodges Amy's Thanksgiving dinner and chooses to spend the night continuing to work at his own expense.

Jake convinces Captain Holt to accept responsibility to the next case that appears, rather than attending the Thanksgiving Day celebration. When that happens, he happily tags along behind the Captain.

Before the show comes to a close, Jake writes about why he despises Thanksgiving so much. He disliked the tradition because his parents were rarely home, and he always spent his childhood Thanksgivings eating only sandwiches.

Yet Captain Holt explains to Jake how "nine-nine" is his new family now. And he is going to have to accept past memories to move on with better ones at the end of the episode

Similarly, we see Jake joining everyone and having a great Thanksgiving feast by the end of the episode.

In another Thanksgiving episode that also features Jake's refusal of the day, the show off closes with Jake finally celebrating the day with the whole 'Nine-Nine' family and ended with a toast.