Amazon's Jeff Bezos is suing his former housekeeper. Why?

Jeff Bezos, the founder, and CEO of Amazon has filed a lawsuit against his former housekeeper, alleging she violated company policy.

The suit comes after months of management disagreements between the two.

Former housekeeper of Jeff Bezos has revealed she endured uncomfortable working conditions and was subjected to racial harassment by other employees.

Wedaa and other housekeeping employees regularly worked from 10 to 14 hours and were not provided with meal or rest breaks during that time.

Wendaa filed a lawsuit against Jeff Bezos claiming that he should not be allowed to use a housekeeper's bathroom via a window escape for 18 months.

Wedaa filed the lawsuit on Tuesday at King County Superior Court in Seattle, Washington, where she claimed that there was no designated break room or rest area, and no place readily accessible to a restroom.

The housekeepers were restricted from using a toilet in a trusted location. This resulted in Wedaa and her fellow housekeepers developing urinary tract infections because they didn't have an area to relieve themselves a satisfactory amount of time.