"10 Sexiest Anime Girls to Love Now!"

10. Yoruichi: it's rare to see dark-skinned attractive women. Yoruichi is not only attractive, she's also dangerous and incredibly fast. It is a winning combination so ask!

9. Rangiku: Rangiku is among the characters who are knowledgeable about their hotness and they're not at all afraid of revealing it. We all like an attractive woman with confidence.

8. Tsunade: Tsunade was the fifth hokage of Konoha and undoubtedly for that reason. In addition to her killer body and confidence, she has great power and healing properties.

7. Erza: Scarlett Erza is making amends for having a killer body, but it does not stop the other Fairy Tail people from taking note of it.

6. Hinata Hyuuga: Hinata is a rare character of great charm that stands apart from the crowd because of her innocence. Her nastiness is precisely what makes her character so appealing.

5. Mikasa Ackerman: Mikasa is not her figure or curves that make her attractive, it is her personality, her strength, and her relentless loyalty to Eren.

4. Esdeath: While Akame for Ga Kill has its share of stunning women, no one surpasses Esdeath in regard to aesthetic appeal. Her sexual allure is in a whole other league!

3. Rias Gremory : High school DxD is such a beloved anime that fans derive endless amounts of fan service from it❤.

2.Boa Hancock : Boa is one of the absolute most prevalent and attractive ladies in the anime. Oda even stated that he drew Boa so beautiful that nobody could draw her as attractive now.

1. Akeno: Another main character of High School Dx. Akeno is popular with the development of the story. In the event that Rias is the president of the party, then Akeno is the president of the hearts of the fans!