"10 Female Villains Who Made History."

Rachel McAdams: Rachel McAdams portrays Regina George, one of the meanest female students in high school. Regina is deceitful, manipulative, and arguably the meanest girl of the school. Regina, a legendary bad girl who is also considered a style icon, is still stated today because of her brilliant fashion sense.

MCU's most major villain is Hela. She enjoys seeing Asgard completely disintegrate and is reckless and courageous. She's also known as the Goddess of Death.

Dolores Umbridge, perhaps the Potter verse’s greatest detested villain, resembles a bloated toad. She is a cruel and unsavory Ministry employee who is spineless and underhanded.

Estella Miller, also known as Cruella De Vil, is a young entrepreneur in the fashion business. Her goal is to exact revenge on her biological mother for the demise of his adoptive mother. She is inspired by the Disney film 101 Dalmatians.

The Cecaelia, a.k.a. the Sea Witch, whose villainy is celebrated in the Little Mermaid, is Ursula, an alias used for a Cecaelia (halfwoman, half-octopus) making deals with wretched merpeople. She aspires to rule the ocean and exact revenge upon the king.

Harley Quinn is one of the most famous supervillains of all time. She often appears as the Joker's sidekick and assistant. Harley Quinn is well known for doing some of the darkest deeds, as well as resembling the Joker's sidekick and assistant.

Gone Girl's villainous protagonist and antagonist is Amy Elliott Dunne. She operates crimes cleverly and is never apprehended. She's shady, challenging, deceitful, snotty, dishonest, and wickedly humorous.

Mother Gothel is the antagonist in Disney's Rapunzel. She is a haughty and aging woman who unearths a magical flower to enable her to live for many decades and maintain her youthful appeal. To ensure the magic hidden in the golden bud, she locks up Rapunzel in her castle.

Maleficent is a representative of utter wickedness. She is wicked, cruel, and will use any means necessary to pursue her malicious ambitions. She is also an extremely evil character. She considers herself superior to others and likes referring to her friends as "her pets" in a phony caring manner.

Bellatrix was a member of the Death Eaters sect in the Harry Potter universe. She was a witch with extreme animalistic and aggressive impulses. She had an irrational love for Lord Voldemort. She was selfish, conceited, and blood purity was her passion.