"Most amazing moment in Haikyuu!! Yet?"

10. Hinata’s first spike: Hinata displayed his skills in the first episode alone. Hinata had a fight against Kageyama in junior high, however, Hinata's team ultimately lost. Hinata's performance delighted the viewers, who got to see his current skill level.

9. Asahi’s delayed spike: Asahi monitors his leap to figure out when the field blockers are going down. This allows him to time his dive accurately and guarantee the blocks are coming down before he spikes the ball. This technique helped Karasuno earn a much-needed point.

8.King of the court: Hinata was able to rehabilitate Kageyama after the latter regressed to his old rude behavior. This was one of the most significant moments in the entire play.

7.Oikawa sets to Iwaizumi: One of probably the best moments of the KSR's Karasuno V s Seijoh event was when Oikawa tossed Iwaizumi from one end to another. Seijoh's kick went in a direction with no receivers, and Oikawa opted to go out and get it. He threw the ball immediately to Iwaizumi who successfully scored a point.

6. Nishinoya’s double save: Shiratorizawa made a terrible charge that incapacitated captain Daichi, who was frozen. He was unable to find a way to react to it. Nishinoya made a brave save. Shiratorizawa attempted to damage one more attack, but Nishinoya thwarted this as well.

5. Hinata’s Receive: As Ojiro Aran scored a home run, Inarizaki's ace made an epic spike from one of Atsumu's tosses to attempt to get a point. It was a fantastic shot, but Hinata's trust that she scored well stunned her teammates and the spectators.

4. Hinata breaking the high-speed game: During the last round, the game took a swift turn. Tanaka was able to anticipate the efforts of blockers, and he rapidly rebounded the ball. Hinata managed to get the rebound and was all set to strike it, and it fell slowly, providing an opportunity for his team-mates to get back their breath. This helped Karasuno defeat Inarizaki.

3.Karasuno V/S Seijoh final point: Both of them show high levels of skill, but only one team claims championship. Excellent cooperation and perserverance are demonstrated by Karasuno, who beats Aoba Johsai by lighting a fire. Tanaka adjusts the position of the ball with the hands of both opponents, and Asahi scores the final goal to secure victory for the Karasuno.

1. Tsukishima blocks Ushijima: He made a very elaborate plan in place to stop Ushijima from disrupting his show, but ultimately, it only impacted the viewers once. Even ignoring the next season exists, this is still the biggest moment in Haikyuu!